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04/21/16 09:18 AM #42    

Suzy Jones (Smith)

I will be looking for you, Darlene!  Suzy

04/21/16 12:22 PM #43    

Darlene Ellison (Foy)

Thank you Nita and Susy, I am feeling less nervous now . I appreciate the note and am very glad to hear some will be in the same boat as myself. Yay !!! Look so forward to hearing all about what great things have happened in your lives. Excited !! 

04/21/16 11:14 PM #44    


Penny Lomax (Reddell)

I'm looking forward to visiting with everyone and catching up with our great friends!

04/22/16 11:43 AM #45    

Darlene Ellison (Foy)

Hope to see Penny also. We are all so blessed to have made it this far in our lives, sometimes the road was bumpy, but that is okay..... That is life . 

04/26/16 07:31 AM #46    

Tim Couch

Sorry that I will be unable to attend the 45th Reunion.  Hope to make the 50th.  Wishing everyone a wonderful Reunion.

Tim Couch

04/27/16 06:37 AM #47    

Randy Gholson

I hate to miss this one as I will be in Hawaii on business (could be worse!) but remember the 40th and having so much fun. I will definitely make the 50th, Lord willing and I'm still around. If anyone has any updates on either Bobby Day or Jim Blackmon, I sure would appreciate it if you'd pass it along. Have a great time.

04/27/16 11:44 AM #48    


Kathleen Jarvis

So grateful that the date was changed to a cooler month!  Thank you, thank you -- hope this will be a new tradition. 

Won't make this reunion due to work schedule and saving for imminent retirement.  Planning on making the 50th, Lord permitting.  We expect to be in Texas in November and December 2016 and it would be great to see some old friends on an individual basis or in small groups.



04/27/16 03:21 PM #49    

Susan Chamness

I won't be in the states until summer.  From the pictures I saw of the last reunion, I am sure that you will enjoy your time together!  Have fun!


04/27/16 07:57 PM #50    

Jeanetta Snider (Brown)

I am sorry that we will have to miss the reunion this weekend.  We were looking forward to coming but I have had a severe case of Laryngitis for 3 weeks.  After trip to the doctor again today I am on 2 more weeks of total voice rest and meds.  Alan is really having a good time with me not talking.   I know it will be a great weekend!  Will miss seeing so many people and catching up on life with friends.  Life is good and so blessed.  Hope to be at the 50th!!

Jeanetta Snider Brown

04/29/16 04:11 PM #51    

Lynda Anderson

I have enjoyed all the post. Will look forward to seeing everyone at the 50th.Hope everyone has a wonderful time this weekend.

04/30/16 05:34 PM #52    

Susan Hall (Calley)

Have fun tonight everyone.  I think this Is the first reunion I have missed.  Do not plan to miss another.  See you next time.

05/01/16 03:19 PM #53    

Dan Wilhite

Classmates; What a great weekend there in Tyler. Thanks to everyone involved in planning, decorating and hosting. It was a super weekend. Marsha and I loved...every minute and especially enjoyed connection: reconnection and catching up with all of our friends. Seeing everyone reminds me, that "Life is special and especially with great friends".

God speed to all who are traveling. Take care. Great Rebel/ Raider  memories live on!!!! 

05/01/16 04:23 PM #54    


Debbe Patterson (Hambleton)

Happy Birthday!! Yes! What a fun weekend!! Thank YOU!for hosting brunch at/ with Angela's!!! Safe Travels home!! 

05/01/16 05:38 PM #55    

Darlene Ellison (Foy)

Dan Wilhite said it best . It was a great 2 nights of fun . This was my first reunion, but will NOT be my  last. I simply loved seeing everyone having such a great time.... Made me smile all evening, everyone was so friendly and warm......but I would not expect anything less from great easy Texas people and Rebel Pride . Thanks for all the people who worked so hard for a great time. Hope we ALL see each other on the 50th. 

05/01/16 10:45 PM #56    

Lyn Doris Calley (Haney)

Thanks to all those in the planning committee. The location, food and decor were perfect. So much better. Love hearing oldies after the dinner. Maybe one time we could get a DJ to play those great familiar tunes. Anyway, thanks for all the hard work. So glad to see everyone. Look forward to next time. 

05/02/16 12:29 AM #57    

Darlene Ellison (Foy)

Lyn, sorry we did'nt get to connect up and visit a little bit. WE  WILL the next time. I would love to hear about your life and kids. You look great !!! 

05/02/16 07:49 AM #58    


Larry Terry

Ditto what others have said, especially to those who worked so diligently to organize and conduct the festivities.  Thanks to all who aren't as "local" as they used to be that made the trek back home and regrets to those whose schedules/circumstances might have caused you to miss this time around.  Really enjoyed the present-day stories and reminiscences; it's amazing that we can recall incidents from '71 [and earlier], yet we often forget where we put our car keys.  Cheers to all.wink

05/02/16 10:21 AM #59    


Kathleen Jarvis

Makes me even sadder to have missed it -- but perhaps I'll turn it into extra motivation to be sure to plan our life to be there for the 50th.  Then maybe after that, we should have biannual reunions instead of every 5 years.



05/02/16 03:53 PM #60    


Pat Wheeler

Agree with everyone that the reunion was a blast. I was only able to go Saturday night but it was so much fun seeing everyone and dancing to the great music. I tell you, Mouse and The Traps are inspiring as they can still rock ! I want to thank all of the people who worked to put the event together -- everything was perfect as we had Willow Brook to ourselves with good food and beautiful decorations. A final special thank-you to Roy Smith for suggesting I google John Paine and his documentary Luckiest Man. I just did that and what a powerful testimony. The REL class of '71 is very special and I think we all realize how precious are the occasions to get together now and both remember and press forward. JPW

05/02/16 09:34 PM #61    


Penny Lomax (Reddell)

What a great reunion!  Thank you to all who put the event together.  I can't begin to count how many small details must be considered to prepare for the reunion.  The venue and food were the best ever!  We are looking forward to the 50th.  With great appreciation to all!



05/03/16 11:47 AM #62    


Cathy Rowe (Myers)

I hated to miss the re-union, but had a previous committment. Sounds like everyone had a great time!

05/03/16 03:40 PM #63    

Scott Reeves

I, too, had a great time reminiscing.  I have said elsewhere that it is a special thing to be with people that you are so comfortable with that, even after many years have passed, seeing them again is like a conversation begun years ago and easily picked up right where we left off, even with those who I wasn't particularly close to in high school.  We had a really tough drive getting there on Friday with the storms, but I'm glad we did it.  Thanks to all who had a hand in planning this.  Now, forward to Fifty!

05/03/16 07:55 PM #64    

Alicia Pappas (Armstrong)

Yes, it was the best Reunion ever and I thank the Planning Committee on a GREAT JOB DONE!  Everyone looked great and my husband John surely hated to miss because of his accident.  He came home today after being in the hospital two weeks and he said hello to everyone.  He will be at the 50th for sure.  My niece Julie had a great time taking his place and being a 1994 graduate of REL, she liked our group much better.  Take care everyone and thanks for the memories.

Alicia (Pappas) Armstrong

05/04/16 07:57 AM #65    

Darlene Ellison (Foy)

Well it was my FIRST reunion and I really only had a handful of friends in high school , not to be a downer , things at home were not the best and so opportunities to participate in lots of different activities in school were not available for me. But this group of people could not have made me feel more special or loved. And this made my visit the best I could have ever asked for . School can be difficult for lots of kids , even today. This was  a decision " to go " that I am so happy I made. I connected with many people and look forward to the 50th with much anticipation .  Thank you all for a memorable night. Hope everyone made it home safe & hope this darn auto correct does not write something stupid !! Lol !

05/04/16 10:29 AM #66    


Don Heckmann (Heckmann)

Sorry to miss what sounds like a great time. If you don't go, there's always the risk of being talked about without being able to defend yourself, but, oh well, it just wasn't in the cards this year. Would have loved to see everyone. Look forward to the big "50"!

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