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05/04/16 12:15 PM #67    

Mike Sturrock

I really enjoyed seeing those who could come join us and my wife, who is from the "other" school in town (HA!) really enjoyed it too.  We probably did have a great time at the previous reunions, but nobody remembers now!!!  I have tried to tell people who don't attend ours or even reunions somewhere else they are missing really great Huggathons!

That said, thanks again to those who made it and those who made it happen and I don't mean to get corny, but

love and hugs to all because it is what the world needed more of back then and still needs more of now!!

05/04/16 05:51 PM #68    

Darlene Ellison (Foy)

Mike, you said it just right . YOUR wife Theresa made my visit so much fun .... she is a real gem. Tell her I said so. The memories we got to share of Allen were so awsome ...... It was as if he was there at the reunion with us. She is just a bundle of fun, fun ,fun. . 

05/05/16 10:13 AM #69    

Bill Fox

Don't worry Heckman. Jimmy Moore showed up and we did talk about you.

05/06/16 07:51 AM #70    


Larry Terry

Yeah, Don.  We were VERY disappointed we didn't get to share those stories with your wife.

05/06/16 08:13 AM #71    

Steve Turman

I'm sorry also to have missed it; my dad died in mid-February and I've had to coordinate my trips to Tyler with executor duties and helping my mom with house repairs and other practical stuff.  It so happens that Robbie Roberts was in country and in Tyler when my dad was dying, so I had a good visit with him; he updated me about Johh Paine--a tough deal.  It was great to see all the pictures from the reunion, and read these comments.  Jimmy Moore!!  Dude, it's been a long time.

05/06/16 10:08 AM #72    


Don Heckmann (Heckmann)

Ha! Exactly what I was talking about. Sorry to miss you guys, and Jimmy Moore, who I haven't seen since we graduated! Hopefully we all connect at 50, God willing!

05/07/16 12:52 PM #73    

Rusty Mitchum

Don, Steve Morby and I discussed (or maybe it was cussed) you at length.  It was somethin' to do with eggs and a short incarceration of some kind.  I'm sure it has probably slipped your mind, bein' as old as you are and all.  Sure glad cell phone photos hadn't been invented back then.  

05/07/16 04:49 PM #74    


Chuck Glover (Glover)

I have posted some the reunion pictures on profile, if you are interested.

05/09/16 01:43 PM #75    


Don Heckmann (Heckmann)

Ha! Another story from Mitchum & Morby about an incident that is so much funnier now than it was back then (huh, Rusty?). For the life of me, I just can't remember whose "Einstein" idea that was! Fun times!

05/10/16 11:34 AM #76    

Scott Reeves

Right! Like that was the only Heckmann story floating around. Most probably only marginally true, but who cares?you shoulda been there to protect yourself. Reasonable!

05/10/16 04:49 PM #77    

Cindy Smith (Hill)

Thank you for sharing the reunion photos!  I almost feel as if I had attended; it was so good to see everyone having fun.  Sorry to have missed and looking forward to the 50th reunion.

06/09/16 06:45 PM #78    


Roxy Rudd (Kirk)

Well, I got the slide show of the reunion and it's great ! I got sentimental, then I laughed, then I saw some eyes looking where they should not of been looking . it was very funny.  Lol I had them put music to the show and it's really good. I will enjoy it and if anyone wants to see it just let me know. Take care everyone, Roxy



06/10/16 05:39 PM #79    


Chuck Glover (Glover)

Roxy - I would love to see the pics. Let me know where to go to find them. Everyone who planned & executed this reunion and the last one are "first class". This is not to say the other reunions were not; it's just that I couldn't attend due to "real-world" events.


11/12/16 04:13 AM #80    


David Conklin

I for one am amazed at the lack of understanding of the importance of our military.  Not just current, though without them China and Russia would be our leaders, but past military to defend 'our' American freedoms and values around the world.  I hope our Veterans know, I KNOW how important you are!  HAPPY VETERANS DAY!


11/12/16 03:36 PM #81    


Linda Davidson

David, thanks for your post acknowledging Veterans Day.  I agree wholeheartedly with your opinion.  Being from a family of veterans (father, uncles, and all three brothers), I am aware of the sacrifices of our heroes in uniform.  One of my uncles served in the Korean War and one brother served in Viet Nam.  A belated happy Veterans Day to you, David.  And thank you for your service!   Linda

11/13/16 01:58 PM #82    


David Conklin


Your words touched me Linda.  My thanks to all the patriotism displayed in your family too!




12/21/18 10:24 AM #83    


Mike Broussard

Wish all of you a  Happy Holiday Season, keep it safe. Merry Christmas.

12/23/18 11:54 PM #84    

Van Jordan

Mike, Merry Christmas, Coon Ass !

07/19/19 08:50 AM #85    

Toni Smith (Hibbs)

I remember Jim’s  blonde hair, his sweet smile, and his sincere kindness to all. He was a stand up guy. It is tragic that he passed away at such a young age. It would have been awesome to see what he would have contributed to our world. Some things we simply don’t understand. I love reading all the memories of such a great guy.   Warm thoughts to all of you. It really was “the good old days”.  Makes me smile.   Toni


07/22/19 10:54 AM #86    


Kathy Beggs (Bailes)

Jim and I "traded disks" in the 5th grade (Mrs. Bass, Bell Elementary).  We explored the woods between our houses and found a disecting hut (ugh).  Jim was so smart.  Wish I had known him better.

04/25/21 05:33 PM #87    


Kathy Beggs (Bailes)

Would anyone be up for a zoom meeting for those of us who cannot attend the reunion in person?  I could set it up on my zoom account.  If anyone is interested, let me know.  Probably Friday night or Saturday night, dates of the reunion.  Kathy Beggs Bailes


P.S.  This is my "Covid turned my hair green" photo. Taken last St. Patrick's Day, of course.

04/29/21 08:29 AM #88    


Kathy Beggs (Bailes)

Only one person who isn't attending the reunion is interested in a zoom meet up.  We will just look at your photos and videos of the events.  Enjoy.

04/29/21 08:29 AM #89    


Kathy Beggs (Bailes)

Only one person who isn't attending the reunion is interested in a zoom meet up.  We will just look at your photos and videos of the events.  Enjoy.

05/05/21 10:03 AM #90    


Steve Morby

The 50th reunion was great fun!  Friday evening's locale was perfect. Its was amazing to see some '71 grads for the first time since graduation and almost pick up where we left off. 

Thanks as usual to the planning committee, several of you who have been involved in prior reunions. Those of us who do not live in Tyler really appreciate your time and efforts on behalf of all of us. Thank you! 

Steve Morby

05/06/21 10:14 AM #91    

Gary Mizener

I agree with Steve.

Thank you to the organisers for their excellent work.

And thank you for allowing Bil Colthurst (from the class of '72) to attend as a guest.

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