In Memory

Rick Wilson

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06/05/11 02:01 PM #1    

Mike Sturrock

What a great guy.  One my buddies.  Loved him and glad to know he is in the presence of God as I type this.  He died several years ago after 2 bouts of bladder cancer in a 13 year period.

Rick's funeral is the 2nd largest I have ever attended.  Martha Allen's was the largest.  Both were standing room only in large churches and both on workdays.  Said volumes about them both.   

Rented a room for several months from Rick's parents after graduation.  We used to make Hamburger Helper at his house for our future wives (His-Debbie Pyle from Marshall; mine-Teresa Priest from Tyler) and they married us anyway!!!!!!HA!

Out of nowhere, Rick used to just bust out loud and sing "Here comes the BIG BRASS BA-A-A-A-A-N-N-N-D!!!!!!".  He's listening to the real big brass band now.   

Love you Rick.  Will come listen to that band with you someday.



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