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Tommy Paul

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06/30/11 05:07 PM #1    

Tom Wiley

Hey Buddy, it's been almost twenty years now. I sure do miss you. I hope you and Charley are having a good time. I hear the weather is great up there.



07/26/11 10:05 PM #2    

Bill Greer

I have to say that every guy that played the line, admired and looked upto Tommy Paul.He could run, pass, catch the ball. After Van Hood  died, I remember having to take his spot one day.Just so happened Tommy was running a sneak up through myside and i stuck him ,i mean right where you are suppose to put it ,lifted him up and on the ground.     He had the most shocked look on his face.All i could say as i was helping help up was sorry dude it was you or the coach.He grinned but i was sure i was going to get my ass beat.................The only other experience i had that really sticks in my mind,Tommy and Susan were really having a  fight...................i was standing to close      and told him he shouldn't talk to her that way..........again i thought i was in for an ass whipin";        but no Susan saved me and told me she was i left. Shocked me how he passed away and i am sorry for it. Oh i forgot,later after work out he pulled my jog up over my head & almost choked  me  to death i felt that for a number of days. Thank-god it was from behind  after awhile they  stretch .       later i became very good friends   with Tom Demmon...........there for awhile.      Well god speed Tom, i am sure i will see you again. Bill Greer

07/31/11 10:18 PM #3    

Pat Wheeler

Losing Tommy Paul so early seems surreal. He was a best friend at Birdwell and then we stayed friends throughout the days even if we no longer hung out. I did have one very memorable trip to Dallas with him and Mike Herrington and Glynn Roberts. It was the first time I got really ripped and Tommy laughed harder than anyone that day. He was such a good athlete. Everytime I see his dad Taylor, I know it kills him because I remind him of his great loss. I so admire Mr. Paul, he is a very real role model for me, a Christian who is finishing strongly. I think of Tommy and Payne Stewart as two guys who lived life to the fullest and were taken away so early. I do hope to see him again in heaven.

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