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Jim Black

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07/26/11 09:31 PM #1    

Bill Greer

JIM was the more serious of the bunch.    He loved Chevies 57's  customized.........i think stevee had one also.      Worked at our store Gibsons for a time, goood hard worker.      later brrother, bill greer

08/01/11 11:56 AM #2    

Linda Davidson

Bill, when and how did Jim die?  Had a crush on him at REL but was too shy to let him know.  Nice, cute guy.

08/03/11 05:31 PM #3    

Betty Tubbs (Duff)



08/07/11 07:39 PM #4    

Pat Wheeler

Linda -- I didn't know Jim well but obviously he was very popular at Lee since he was the class president our senior year. He died soon after college and I remember seeing him once when Tulane played SMU in Dallas after we both had graduated. I think he was definitely still in his 20s when he died and I want to say it was a stroke or something highly unusual like that.

08/08/11 12:11 AM #5    

Kathleen Jarvis

 I remember what a thrill it was whenever we got to have our class picnic at Jim's house, because we loved to jump on his trampoline!   He was a dear, sweet person indeed.  I heard long ago that his death was related to some heart problem?????    Would have loved to see how his life turned out if he were still here with us.


08/05/13 01:47 AM #6    

Dave Berry

CHECKING OUT OLD CLASSMATES 40 YEARS LATER MAY OR MAY NOT BE A GOOD IDEAL.Makes you wonder il surviving was in GOD's will or that you have been overlooked for the masterplan that will be revilled some day.They say the good die young , but they don't say why. just saying,


07/17/19 02:55 PM #7    

Van Jordan

Jim Black passed away the day before Thanksgiving in 1977. He had moved back to Tyler after graduating from Tulane. He had a medical condition where he would faint without warning. While vacationing at his ranch in the Hill Country, he passed out in the shower. His air passage was blocked and he died. He had gone into the construction business and just completed his first house. We had re-connected and were having a grand time in Tyler when he died. It was a very sad experience but made me realize how precious life is. I still miss him. Van Jordan

07/18/19 07:59 AM #8    

Steve Turman

I met Jim in first grade at Bell Elementary and we were friends all through school, especially after I moved near him in 1966.  We had some great times--a weekend in Dallas staying at his older brother's apartment comes to  mind (Jimmy Moore, Don Heckman, and Robby Roberts were there as well; there was a mooning incident on the way home on I-20); and an audio tape we made at his house to entertain Jimmy Moore when he was in the hospital (My part was a campy version of the Vogues' song, "Turn Around, Look at Me").  I remember his senior year he began having blackout spells, which continuned through college at Tulane.  

07/18/19 09:16 AM #9    

Larry Terry

I've several recollections of Jim.  We car pooled for a while in our sophomore days, alternating weekly.  One time when it was my turn to pilot, I "failed to maintain control" of my pickup in front of his house (now Dr. Ulrich's), sliding thru his fence and into what was then a very young magnolia tree. When I walk my dog in the neighborhood these days I can look near the top of the tree and still see the scar. I remember his dad being very gracious about it while suggesting that in the future Jim consider other transportation options.

Jim was off the charts at school.  He seemed to distinguish himself in every class or extracurricular activity he participated in and there were de beaucoup of those.  He was particularly enthusiastic about the Rebel Guard (I believe his older brother, Bill, was a member his Senior year) and any of Mr. Wyche's classes.

I'll defer to others about his cause of death, but I always heard his symptoms resulted from an aneurysm that finally burst.  It's always seemed ironic to me that our Class President was the first(?) among us to pass.

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